rad movie poster

and the movie looks pretty intriguing too.


the ginger snap

i was thus referred to today. lovingly, that is.

it made me smile.


i learned to play chess yesterday! and by that i mean ethan taught me the rules, and we played two games, both of which he won. but i loved it. i've always wanted to learn, and not even losing pathetically could ruin my joy in it.


killing my television

I'm throwing it out there in an effort to hold myself accountable. Not that I'm some crazy tv nut or anything, but even if I was only watching 30 minutes a day, that's 30 minutes I could be spending reading, or job hunting, or exercising, or (gasp!) balancing my checkbook. And I'm hoping to rid my mind of needless clutter. So I've decided to go a month without watching. I'm still allowed to watch the occasional movie, but only with others, and no watching movies I've already seen. For one month. I want to see the effect, if any.

I will miss my nightly Golden Girls, though. I'll say that much.

On the subject of tv, by the way, this website is pretty interesting.