twisp, wa.

spent a weekend in the woods out in central/eastern (?) washington (i don't quite know my geography up here yet).

i apologize upfront for going slightly overboard with the number of photos, but i had too amazing a time to be stingy.

so here you go...

john wayne presiding:

the beautiful cabin:

axes and hatchets and other such outdoorsy stuff:

the duke, once again:

rickety swings and beautiful yellow flowers:

loved the details of this place:

again with the yellow flowers - they were everywhere:

some good sky on saturday:

lounging (jenna and tom):

more lounging by crazy huge fire (tom and anko):

ethan and his good friend tom, apparently giddy as can be:

the ubiquitous self-portrait. oh, how this guy makes me smile:

carl, ethan, and tom playing horseshoes (a game at which i am horrible, i quickly discovered). ethan proudly sporting his dad's old coveralls:

folf in the woods:

more folf:

justin and ethan meandering down to the river:

laura, who is friggin' rad:

ethan, who is also friggin' rad:

carl and ethan in serious mode:

and then in not-so-serious mode (you can't quite tell, but carl is singing - beautifully, i might add):

justin capturing carl's serenade:

concentrating on his scrabble game (i am quite sad, by the way, that i was not the one to take this awesome photo - my camera had been passed around a bit):

a few shots from the voyage to and from twisp (taken from the car, hence the blurriness):

the end. if you've managed to make it to the end of this excessive photo-fest, i appreciate your devotion greatly. =)