a conversation i had today:

manager: i'm sorry, ma'am, but that feature only applies to wamu free checking accounts.

me: but i have a free checking account.

manager: yes, ma'am, but you don't have a wamu free checking account.

me: but... um, wait... i'm confused. my checking account is with you, wamu, and it's free.

manager: yes, ma'am.

me: wouldn't that make it a wamu free checking account?

manager: no, ma'am.

me: ???

out like a lamb?

not exactly.

a few shots of the snow falling tonight. it didn't stick, but it was lovely in its flight.


newly introduced to:

i seem to have lived in some sort of bubble for much of the nineties, so i missed this show. ethan just introduced it to me yesterday. brilliant.


de kift . beguine

i have no idea what they're saying but it all just makes me happy. particularly the end, when they start to walk away and then start playing again. and then he laughs. heartily and merrily. love that.

go here to see other videos by de kift. at the end of an alternate session of this song, played in a teeny tiny shop of all places, he (Ferry Heijne) apparently says, in French, "we play our most fragile song."

oh, how i love fragile music!





dictionary.com's word of the day

inchoate \in-KOH-it\, adjective:
1. In an initial or early stage; just begun.
2. Imperfectly formed or formulated.

it seems so painfully fitting to me at this moment.

i'm also reminded of a bit out of a joanna newsom song, only skin:

then in my hot hand
she slumped her sick weight
we tramped through the poison oak
heartbroke and inchoate


encounters en route to the laundry machine

our laundry room is around the back of our house... strange, yes. anyway, all sorts of pretty things to be seen.


from his perspective

photos by ethan heck from victoria, bc.

o canada

so there's this guy. name's ethan. sweet sweet ethan. took me up to victoria yesterday for a day of wandering about and snapping photos. insanely fun.

these are some of my favorite shots:

so friggin' sweet, he is.

loved this location, and then the bird showed up, which made me love it even more.

empress hotel and a streetlamp - pretty self-explanatory.

this shot's been done before, but still i loved the reflections that day.