rainy day at alki

a week or so ago, we were out at alki beach on the most glorious gloomy day. i had never been out there in that sort of weather. it's absurdly beautiful and eerie.



i saw this on someone else's blog and had to add it here.

not that i don't love photoshop, but still...


bird's ballad

i adore this album:

a review i came across said, "In my perfect world, Andrew Bird is king. And as he decreed, The Ballad of the Red Shoes may only be listened to with a tall glass of dark beer in the comfort of your mother’s home." i wish i'd said it first.

i also love that andrew and his mother created the album art together. so rad.


bellissima california


i want eyes this blue...

this is ethan's little niece. i've only just gotten around to processing some photos from a few months ago. i lag sometimes.

world's greatest bedhead:

i was playing around with my little canon flash last saturday morning (had to use it for a shoot that day and was out of practice). caught boy with his hair amess. love.

(note: he's reading a news article online; hence, the expression.)


all smiles

just got back from trip to california. i'll post more pictures later, but this one made me too darn happy so i'm posting it now.