film shots

from the nikon manual - shot with film but fiddled with in photoshop. i will say that my exposures were relatively accurate, with a few screw-ups here and there. shot out at carkeek beach.

oddly enough, one of my favorite shots from the day was my test shot of ethan back at my apartment.


back to basics (i.e., humility)

I was recently given, quite generously, an old Nikon F manual SLR, along with a 55mm 1.2 lens, both beautiful and in excellent condition.

I decided to go out today and play with these new toys. Doing so, without aid of light meter or such, involved a decent amount of patience and uncertainty. Had I remembered to restore the batteries in my incident light meter, or bring along my digital camera, I would have been just fine, but this was not the case. As it was, going whole-hog manual was oddly humbling.

How quickly you can run your way through 36 frames! I also couldn't quite figure out how to rewind the film properly and so ended up messing up the film a bit. I think I've salvaged it to some extent, and I'll be taking it in tomorrow for processing. We'll see... Assuming I had any idea what i was doing, I'm very eager to see the fruits of that uneasy, invigorating labor. It was a lovely day out along the beach; I hope I was able to capture some of it.

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure my slide film was expired.


first item on christmas list:

i want this book. gorgeous, gorgeous illustrations!


from california

I'm a little late in posting photos from the labor day trip to California, mostly because they didn't really turn out (not wanting to lug the big camera around, I chose to shoot primarily with my sister's point and shoot). Actually, neither of us really did much shooting at all; too busy running about, I suppose. Anyway, I like these three (and the few I posted earlier, right when we got back).

(i swear i only made him pose this one time)

(the glow of encountering disneyland and all its glory for the first time)

(from the balcony of the hotel in SB; we were a bit spoiled that day.)

"Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave."

- rainer maria rilke