remnants of georgetown photoshoot

ms. stanton (film shots)

From the old Nikon (my new favorite piece of equipment):

And, finally, my favorite shot of the day is quite possibly this outtake...

ms. stanton

My absolutely stunningly beautiful coworker Tina agreed to be my model for a day. So we met up in Georgetown at the crack of dawn on Presidents' Day, but I was a little rusty, so it wasn't until a couple of hours in that I finally felt comfortable back in the mode of photographer. Anyway, here are a few shots.

After we tired of Georgetown (which is actually quite difficult, because it's a rad neighborhood), we headed to Discovery Park...



oh my goodness, oh my goodness...

my favorite musician (andrew bird) photographed by one of my favorite photographers (cameron wittig). is it my birthday??

click here


particularly this shot. i've never been close enough to mr. bird (sadly) to notice that he has freckles.


"... he can form sentences, complex sentences with beginnings and ends, subordinate clauses -- you can hear his semicolons!"

- from A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers

This quote just made my day.

buon natale

Christmas: that holiday a long, long time ago.

My internet at home is sketchy, so I haven't been blogging much, but I'm going to try harder. Here are some pictures from around Christmas time.

The day before I left to visit my family, the snow decided to come in. An abundance of snow for a California girl. This is just outside my work. I love this neighborhood.

I want to steal this truck.

And, some more snow...

I like our apartment anyway, but in the snow I think it's particularly lovely.

Once in California... this is Christmas day at my Grandma's house.

Of course I took far too many pictures of the pups.

So friggin' adorable.

In a failed effort to get them to cooperate enough for a photo...