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the handsomest goofball in the world

we think we're funny

at a friend's wedding last weekend. photo courtesy of ethan heck.



my coworker ashley and i have been wanting to take some photos of her daughter, olivia, for quite some time now. finally, this week our schedules aligned. i have so many photos i want to post, so i need to edit down. for now, i figured i'd post just this one.

have you ever seen hair like that in your life? insane.


forest . rainbow . ocean

a few other images i liked from olympic national park


one more shot from Kestrel


Kestrel Vintners

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do some photography for Kestrel, a wonderful winery in Prosser, WA. Getting up at 3am on a Saturday has its perks, it seems. It was a delightfully full and invigorating day, not to mention such a privilege to have this close-up tour of the many aspects of the wine-making process. I very much look forward to working with them again come harvest time.


higher, higher!

adorable scarlett and her papa, aaron.

(i'm sort of proud of this shot.)

she sells sea shells...

my sister and i took a trip over to olympic national park two weekends ago. i decided to attempt to only shoot film - both as a nod to the medium, which i don't use nearly often enough, and as a way of forcing myself to be more selective in my shots. i brought both my canon EOS-3 and my nikon manual, each with its own pros and cons. i'll probably post some more photos from that weekend, but i was particularly happy with these 4 shots of the beach sand and rocks.