"you just got a subscription for love"

no joke, this was in the email i just received welcoming me to match.com

so, yeah, i have a one-month subscription. it was entirely against my better judgment, but i figured it should be good for some laughs and some stories, if nothing else. honestly, the quote above is almost worth the cost. plus, my roommate is doing it too, so we can endure it together.

anyway, i'll be sure to share any horror stories. =)


Christine in LA said...

I've been on Match for three months and just got up the nerve to go on my first date last Saturday and you know what?? I really like him and we had a really nice time:) In fact we have a date scheduled for tomorrow night. So once I decided to actually take the leap I found the water to be delightful:) Hope it's good for you guys too.

Can't wait to hear!

Random said...

I am sure it would be true in the real world too: some laughs and horror stories....not only limited by match.

You might be caught by positive surprises. :)