back to basics (i.e., humility)

I was recently given, quite generously, an old Nikon F manual SLR, along with a 55mm 1.2 lens, both beautiful and in excellent condition.

I decided to go out today and play with these new toys. Doing so, without aid of light meter or such, involved a decent amount of patience and uncertainty. Had I remembered to restore the batteries in my incident light meter, or bring along my digital camera, I would have been just fine, but this was not the case. As it was, going whole-hog manual was oddly humbling.

How quickly you can run your way through 36 frames! I also couldn't quite figure out how to rewind the film properly and so ended up messing up the film a bit. I think I've salvaged it to some extent, and I'll be taking it in tomorrow for processing. We'll see... Assuming I had any idea what i was doing, I'm very eager to see the fruits of that uneasy, invigorating labor. It was a lovely day out along the beach; I hope I was able to capture some of it.

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure my slide film was expired.

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