10 things i currently think are quite cool:

1. knitting. i'm somewhat obsessed. i've been furiously working on my 3rd scarf to get it done in time for christmas. at this i only know scarves, but i plan to work my way up to hats and fingerless gloves! heck yeah. i'm even in a knitting club, which is mostly just an excuse to get together with like-minded ladies and eat and drink and occasionally knit and then swear like sailors when we mess up. it's delightful.

2. this dog outside a cafe. oh how i want a pup! but i get to see mine in california soon enough...

3. greenlake, my new neighborhood. it's just so lovely and serene, and the fall colors are incredible.

4. the new apartment. 'twas love at first sight with this place. it's tiny and has virtually no amenities, but it's flooded with light and only a block and a half from the lake. and it's got a big kitchen (by my standards). i'm smitten.

5. this guy. the picture's a bit blurred (having been taken on a whim), but my god, look at that smile!

6. my new coffee mug, one of many fun kitchen finds from goodwill. it's basic, but it's got this 70's diner feel to it that i adore. and there was this lovely light pouring in the kitchen window the other day, and i went a bit nuts photographing all the different formations of steam.

7. the view from below autumn trees. i take way too many photographs of trees, but i can't help myself. this time of year they're friggin' gorgeous.

8. purple carrots from the ballard sunday market. slice some up with some red potatoes and leeks, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic, grind some pepper over top, and then roast for awhile. insanely delicious, i tell you!

9. the turtles on greenlake, sunning themselves. who knew?

10. having successfully cooked a turkey on thanksgiving. first time and all that. also made some rockin' stuffing. the glow of achievement has yet to fade.

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