one hundred

i stole the idea from some other gal's blog.

(her blog, by the way, is very cool.)

also, my first "run" at this was, i noticed afterwards, on the more negative side (it's far too easy to point out your own flaws), so i've since gone back and attempted to be more forgiving and kind to myself, without losing the honesty aspect.

100 things about me
1. i almost never feel like i know what i'm doing, but i try to not let that stop me.
2. i love cotton candy. and all sorts of candy you're not supposed to like after the age of 7. like pez. except the yellow ones, which are just gross.
3. i think i might like the idea of books more than the books themselves. bookstores are one of my favorite haunts.
4. sometimes i start to think about the idea of eternity, and i go a little nutty, like i might crawl out of my skin, because it's the one thing i can't comprehend on any level.
5. i have this intense crush on chefs (as a whole).
6. i've started and soon after discarded probably two dozen daily planners in my lifetime.
7. i have a mean temper, but i'm one of the most loving people you'll meet.
8. i believe in God completely, even though i sometimes get lost in the little questions and details.
9. i'm grateful for my family.
10. i somehow manage to be a perfectionist and a completely clutter-prone freak at the same time.
11. i often make wishes as 11:11 and 12:34
12. writing lists (like this one) gives me a oddly profound sense of peace.
13. i can't wear the color yellow. love wearing green.
14. i will always care waaaay too much about what others think of me.
15. i love how my voice sounds when i sing in the shower.
16. lying in bed is one of my most complete joys.
17. i'm intimidated by short girls - they're all cute and sweet and delicate and stuff like that.
18. one of my new year's resolutions to get better at domestic things like cooking, sewing, etc.
19. i think the cello is the most beautiful instrument on the planet.
20. i love living in big cities because it makes me feel like i'm part of my very own movie, like i should have my own soundtrack. everything feels more dramatic and intense.
21. i know the lines to the movie sense & sensibility by heart (complete with the accent).
22. my top five places to visit (if you asked me today) would be: 1) montana, 2) sweden, 3) peru, 4) sicily, 5) alaska
23. i was once valedictorian; now i'm a hostess. on one level i find this depressing; on the other i think it's awesome.
24. i wish all my friends lived in one place.
25. i tell my mom everything. it's probably very unhealthy, but it's a beautiful, close friendship.
26. song lyrics and quotes are among my most favorite things.
28. i love my chanel perfume.
29. sometimes it'll take me a week to put the sheets back on my bed after washing them.
30. the calendar hanging on my wall is still on october.
31. i love men with facial hair.
32. i have zero willpower. zilch.
33. i think having a guy roommate is the coolest.
34. i love beautiful, quirky, subtle, odd films. i also love chick flicks.
35. i give good hugs.
36. buying fresh flowers instantly makes me happy.
37. i'm very visual - i've been known to buy books or CD's because i like the cover; or i'll buy the "prettiest" pasta sauce at the grocery store. that sort of thing.
38. i love hazelnut in any coffee drink.
39. oldies music reminds me of when i was young and my dad would drive me to soccer tournaments at the crack of dawn and we'd listen to K-Earth 101
40. "these are the days" by van morrison has long been my first dance wedding song; but lately i think it might be more fun to go with something like "ain't that love" by ray charles. i'm torn.
41. the best present i've ever been given was the greatest hits cd of mel carter - i wish i could explain, but it just wouldn't do it justice.
42. i adore simplicity and subtlety and yet tend to make everything much more complicated than it needs to be.
43. i like having 4 part-time jobs. i hope never to have another 9-to-5 again.
44. winter clothing (i.e., coats + scarves + gloves) = my favorite garb
45. i collect mugs.
46. i don't care if i ever own a house. (but if i do ever own one, it'd better be old and quirky.)
47. i think summer movies in bryant park might be one of the most magical things on earth.
48. i'm terrified of flying.
49. i have very ticklish feet.
50. i love photographing inanimate objects.
51. when i get excited about something (which happens a lot), and then it doesn't work out the way i thought it would or match my idea of what it was supposed to be, it takes me forever to recover from that.
52. i don't like talking on the phone. i'm an in-person or over-email sort of person.
53. i'm slightly obsessive. perhaps more than slightly.
54. i want a dog. or, at the very least, to date a man who has a dog.
55. if i had a dog, i'd name him oliver.
56. i think math is cool.
57. i enjoy reading books aloud when no one is home.
58. one of my most treasured possessions is an illustrated copy of pride & prejudice published in the 1930's that i got at strand bookstore in new york - on the front page is written "miriam farall, 1120 park avenue"
59. i love cookbooks and kitchen ware and food photography even though (or perhaps because of the fact that) i, myself, can't cook worth a damn.
60. i've seen every single episode of i love lucy multiple times. every last one.
61. some part of me never left junior high.
62. i've never lost anyone close to me, and i think i'm still sort of in denial about the fact that it is inevitable.
63. i live in my head.
64. i once mistakenly said, in italian, "i'm sorry, but i have a sore rooster."
65. movie trailers are quite possibly my favorite thing about going to the movies.
66. even though winter is my favorite season, my idea of a perfect day is out in the sunshine during the summer with my closest friends - eating, drinking, playing cards, talking about whatever, quoting stupid movies
67. i want to be that person who lives without regrets, but there are a lot of things i look back on and question.
68. improper grammar in professional environments drives me up the wall.
69. i'm horribly ignorant when it comes to politics.
70. i love stationary. 'snow and graham' is the best.
71. i eat microwavable mac n' cheese from trader joe's at least twice a week.
72. i want to start up yoga again.
73. i love "window light" infinitely more than any elaborate lighting set-up concocted by the most accomplished photographer.
74. i can't go into target or anthropologie without struggling against purchasing everything i see.
75. in the next 6 months, i want to take a painting class and a creative writing class.
76. i love the last page of vanity fair magazine (the proust questionnaire)
77. i read magazines from back to front, and i always look at all the pictures before going back and reading anything at all.
78. i just got the most beautiful pedicure the other day, and now i keep staring at my pretty feet.
79. i adore, beyond words, my friends.
80. i want to fall in love and not feel foolish afterwards.
81. my most favorite song to sing is "come thou fount of every blessing"
82. i'm decidedly not punctual.
83. i love getting cards of any sort
84. i had a lumpectomy on christmas eve a few years back, (christmas day on vicodin is good fun), and the scar forms a division symbol with two of my freckles.
85. i think pinkberry is crazy delicious, but i don't like being in line surrounded by a bunch of 17-yr-olds with their jeans tucked into their ugg boots.
86. i use the word lovely a lot.
87. i deeply appreciate sarcasm.
88. as a child, i was convinced i was going to be an architect when i grew up. architect - accountant - photographer... it's a natural progression, i think.
89. if i have one strength, it's that i always genuinely want to be better than what i am and have the best of intentions for trying.
90. i like being a middle child.
91. i think humility is the most underrated virtue. humility + confidence = about as close to perfection as you can get.
92. i have about as much student loan debt as my lawyer friends.
93. i enjoy doing self portraits.
94. i'm generous.
95. i love listening to someone talk about something he/she really truly loves and seeing that person get so excited about it that words start to fail.
96. i want to find a good church up here in WA.
97. i get annoyed when people ask me how to spell my last name.
98. i love girly stuff; i would never want to be a guy.
99. oh, how i wish i was more fashionable
100. i believe sunday brunch to be one of life's most sublime pleasures, which is why i need to go to bed now, so i can get up on time to go to brunch with my friend kela in the morning.



Christine in LA said...

43. i like having 4 part-time jobs. i hope never to have another 9-to-5 again.

I was reading through your list and stopped at this and just couldn't go on. ...I can't tell you how often I've dreamed of just walking away from this 7-4 sitting in traffic to get there existence and just going back to work at a bookstore and finding another job or two to pick up the rest of the slack...and you know what holds me back? The thought that I might dissapoint family. Like my life is validated by having a "office job". It's stupid I know. How do you like hostessing? I've been thinking about it to help get rid of my debt so I can start traveling again. Was it hard at first? Did you have any restaurant experience before or did you just talk your way into it?


rebecca said...

I really like hostessing for the most part. I like that my #1 goal in that job is to make sure people feel welcome and have a relaxing, wonderful meal. It's a lot more challenging that I had imagined, since I also do a lot of back-waiting and other tasks, but it's a good job that keeps me active and helps me learn more about food, which I love.

I didn't have any restaurant experience before this, but for a hostess position that doesn't usually matter. They mostly want to see that you're personable, responsible, blah blah blah.

Honestly, one of the hardest things, for me, about being a hostess is being at the bottom of the food chain (it's a tie between the hostess and the dishwasher). But it's a good and humbling experience at the same time.

I couldn't do it forever, and it helps that I know it's in pursuit of something that I really want, but all-in-all it's a satisfying part-time gig.

britmalay said...

Re: Comment about punctuality.

Don't ever change, because I find it utterly endearing. And my punctual ass always deducts 15 minutes from our meeting times and you being punctual would make me late and I can't ever have that. No. Miss you, terribly.

Random said...

Nice to see you again at church tonight, Rebecca!

I like your blog. Reading it reminds me of savoring a cup of soothing tea.

Especially for a blog/articles addict like me, it's good to stop by a tea house before indulging myself into the sea of information and endless rants.

Oh, you skipped #27.

You are the first person I know who wrote 99 things about herself. Impressive! It's worthwhile to type the long-named URL to get to know 99 things about you. Make more lists! :)

The verbose (exemplified by my lenghty comment) part of me would have written 100 things in the comments. Maybe I'll make a list on my facebook blog.