why cars are evil

a) they kill the environment (the obvious answer)
b) they're just a big bundle of mechanics waiting to break
c) I know nothing about how they work so I'm constantly looking like the dumb girl and never knowing if I'm being screwed over
d) they create this environment in which we're all in our own little worlds, not really having to interact with each other - versus on the subway or a bus, you can't avoid human interaction, however seemingly small or insignificant it is

(I just got off the phone with a mechanic; can you tell?)


Joey said...

okay, i did call you jack of all trades, but master of none, but why would you ever want to be a master or something? that would mean you took part in 19th century america or had someone draw you a bath. seriously, being a dabbler give your variety, think of it, instead like a tapas dinner as opposed to steak dinner. just as good, just....more travelled.

Joey said...

oh, cars ARE evil but they do give you an opportunity to:
1) sing as loud as humanly possible without judgement
2) flip someone off and feel completely comfortable
3) honk (or auto fart) as much as you like in public
4) check yourself out in the mirror without looking like paris hilton.

i miss you red.

Nicole said...

See, you say cars are evil now but remember how sad you were when some jackass stole said car right out from under your nose.....