mama needs a haircut (as well as a new pair of shoes)

This is probably the longest my hair has been in years. And spending crazy lengths of time in the shower attempting to detangle it all is becoming a bit annoying. I just don't know where to go up here. And I certainly don't want a repeat of the Italy incident, in which I went to the first person I found and ended up with the dreaded triangle hair (immortalized, to top it off, in a new driver's license photo when I returned home). I'm seriously tempted to copy Annie Clark's (St. Vincent's) hair, shown below, but I'm not sure I'd have the courage (or the cheekbones) to make that happen. We shall see.

As for the new pair of shoes, I need that too. The car thieves rode off with about 3-4 pairs (including my beloved pink flats), and the two "sensible" pairs I bought recently have fallen apart on me in under a month. Apparently I'm not so lucky with the shoes.

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