insomnia-induced impulse buying

Note to self: don't go on iTunes when you can't sleep. Much too dangerous.

I'm newly addicted to Feist (thanks to Veil's playlist) and Joanna Newsom (thanks to Monday's concert). Currently I can't stop listening to "Secret Heart". It's bouncy goodness at its finest. Making me smile, but not exactly helping me fall back asleep.

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Christine said...

Ciao Bella!! I was googling some photographers I know and decided to look you up too and found your blog! I just spent the last hour at work reading all your entries. I love your photos so much. The blueberries in the snow make me want to cry they are so lovely. But I especially wanted to respond to this post because about a month ago I became obsessed with both Feist and Joanna Newsom in the same used CD shopping venture. I'm glad to hear someone else is just as in love with them:)

Hope all is well in Seattle.
Ci parliamo dopo