to elaborate...

My sister sent me this article awhile back, and I think it explains better than I ever could what I was referring to earlier. If you're at all interested, go here.

But basically, I can't read Seattleites. I'm intriqued by them, but in a science experiment sort of way - a science experiment in which I already know what the outcome is going to be, but I keep watching and waiting for a different one. Maybe that only makes sense in my head. Ultimately, I've found they talk a lot of talk without ever exactly following through. I'm sure they mean what they're saying when they're saying it, but it never quite materializes. It's hard to get angry, because I know there's no lack of good intentions, but I find myself perpetually frustrated by the whole phenomenon. I keep being reminded of that Will Farrell quote from SNL: "It's fine. I just wish you weren't a liar."

Anyway, I'm sure this is just the necessary homesick phase. No new place is without its flaws to get used to.

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