"although perhaps we were meant to be together, he was too stupid."

- indiana caba, photographer

this brilliant quote makes me want to laugh like crazy. in a sad sort of way, that is. it rings true, let's just say. anyhow, i came across it via this awesome website, on which i'm now hooked and by which i'm rather inspired. (thanks, ali, for recommending it.)

a couple other quotes i love from that site:

"oh, it's hard to choose your loves, but then, then there's that red headed preacher's daughter running wild through my mind at sunrise, and i told her, see, see beth, elizabeth raiguel, fox to fox, i think you're a species above and beyond the average straight haired masses." - ian aleksander adams

"she's very good at drawing and making tea and it's nice to watch her busy hands doing such things; it can bring a pleasant calm to a person." - tobias jones

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Alison said...

I love these! Thank you for sharing. I will remember this everytime I plug in my straightener :)