Every year I make resolutions related to all the different aspects of my life that I want to change. A laundry list of everything that is wrong with or lacking in my life, followed by corresponding step-by-step solutions.

This year, I've decided, my only resolution is to care more. Because, honestly, I think this is the basis of everything that matters. When I genuinely care about something, I make the extra effort. I sacrifice. I commit. I pray.

Here are the areas of my life that require more care:

- my faith
- my relationships with those I love
- my creativity
- my health
- my respect for myself
- my social responsibilities
- my career as a photographer (only because this is something that I love, not because one's career should necessarily be deemed important)

My hope with this is also that, in caring more about these things, there will be less time to care about the worthless things I've so often allowed to occupy my thoughts.

The other beauty of it is that it's not a success/failure-based resolution; caring about something doesn't mean automatically being able to tend to it perfectly. It's more an issue of priorities. Focusing my attention where it needs to be. Cutting out the excess, the wasteful, the meaningless. Caring about the things that can actually bring joy and a sense of purpose.

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britmalay said...

It's a beautiful resolution. Rare are those resolutions as we're always focused on 1) Losing Weight 2) Saving more money 3) Being more motivated bla bla bla. I think your resolution to care more is wonderful. I think you're wonderful. Oh so pretty....

p/s: You BETTER be intimated by short girls - all 5'3.5" of me could kick your butt! Delicate..BAH!

Again, I miss you, terribly.