blissful exhaustion

I went into today knowing it was going to be long. And it was. And now I'm sleepy.

But it was a good day. I now have a part-time job with a photographer, John Granen (see his portfolio here via his rep's site). He's an incredibly nice guy with lots of experience and a lovely studio loft space in Capitol Hill across from a yummy coffee shop - not sure what more I could ask for. Plus, this, combined with a tutoring job I'm hoping to get, should mean I'll be able to dump the crappy bookkeeping gig with the leering coworker. And, to top it off, restaurant business has started picking up again this week. So, all in all, a week of stress and prayers seems to be ending with some degree of peace of mind.

Ooh, and I came home tonight to find some mock-ups of my DiningOut cover in my inbox. I'll post whenever I'm allowed.

Good night, sleep tight, etc.

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