health nut

i'm on a roll today.

breakfast: americano + junior mints
lunch: pizza + root beer
dinner: who knows


peteyd said...

so what was it?

rebecca said...

hummus, soppressata, and basil on crackers

(I've been in a very snacky mood lately)

Lena said...

Ummm...I hate you.

not really, just envious.

Junior Mints are only one of the BEST things in the world, and they don't have them on eth entire island...trust me, I've looked. I'm counting down until I make the 24 hour trek back to the states to buy junior mints within the first 2 hours I am back.

rebecca said...

damn, you tell me this now, and I just mailed out your "care package" this afternoon.

Oh well, there's another sweet surprise in there. =)