This movie broke my heart into a million itty bitty pieces. Granted, I'm slightly on the emotionally vulnerable side lately, but still. It's absolutely among the most starkly beautiful, hilarious, genuine, and (again) heartbreaking movies I've seen. I was crying 15 minutes into it and basically all the way until the credits were rolling, and I left the theater with goofy tear-stained cheeks. I also proceeded to buy the soundtrack (which they sell at the theatre - another reason they're awesome) and blast it as I was heading over the I-90 bridge (love that bridge). I'm a bit obsessive, I know. But ignore that fact and go see the movie anyway. If you don't, I might not be able to be your friend anymore. I'm just saying...

I'm also in love. Madly. With Glen Hansard. I think he might have ruined my chances of ever fancying anyone again. If I was thirteen, I'd have posters of him plastered on my walls. It's that bad.


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Lena said...

I don't live in what you would call a 'thriving metropolis' - thus I am lucky there is a theater at all, and even more fortunate when a movie come here that has made it to Canne, Sundance, or ISA.