my new favorite place in all of Seattle

the Harvard Exit Theatre:
I love this place. I decided to head there today - the perfect rainy Tuesday afternoon - because they're playing the movie Once, which I've been dying to see for awhile now (I will write about the film itself in another post). The place is tucked away on this sweet little street on Capitol Hill. Outside there were the most beautiful trees with their fall colors, and the road was all shiny from the rain. Across the street there's this cute coffee shop, which I intend on visiting very soon. The theatre has pretty clearly been converted from some other purpose, looking nothing like your standard megaplex. You have to head up two flights of rickety stairs to get to one of the two small theaters. The people are crazy nice, while not obnoxiously so or phony in any way. And they sell Izze sodas - reason enough to love the place, if you ask me. Quite possibly one of my favorite Seattle experiences thus far.

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